Proposal: Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

The commitment phase has just started.

I've made you familiar with the whole process earlier.

You just have two tasks in this phase.

  1. Commit to the proposal yourself if you like.
  2. More important than the first: Refer your friends, colleagues, students and anyone who is an expert to commit to the proposal.
    But how to refer? Referring is a way of gaining reputation on area51, if you follow the instruction that I've shared in this PNG image with the original resolution (just 3.3 MB to download).

enter image description here
If you follow the instructions of the poster to share the proposal, you'll get +5 reputation for each person, that enters the site via your shared link, registers and commits to the proposal.
The more you share your unique link, the more is your referrals and the more is your gained reputation. So please share your unique URL as much as possible and invite others as much as you can. Because reputation is very important on the sites of StackExchange Network as I have explained between 1:28 and 3:21 minutes of the video and also on area51 as it is explained in the above photo. Reputation on each website is the key to access certain features of that website.
Remember to share the poster with the people that you invite in order to learn them how to make invitations themselves and so the growth of the proposal will be rapid following a clustered pattern just like network marketing.

Experienced committers of the StackExchange network who have already a minimum of 15 reputation on any of the following sites:

can vote up the related community promotion ad by clicking on each of the above links. As you might already know a minimum of 6 votes is needed for a community promotion ad to be served on the side bar of the main site and the more a community promotion is voted, the more it is shown and the more is the probability that it will be seen by an interested user who is visiting that site.
Also if you think there's any other graduated website which is related to the topic of this proposal, you can add an answer to the community promotion ads 2017 post in the meta part of that site, following this pattern:

[![Check out the Area 51 Remote Sensing Proposal][1]][2]

  [1]: http://area51.stackexchange.com/ads/proposal/90327.png
  [2]: Your unique URL that you can get the way I've explained in upper right part of the PNG image  

Then notify me by commenting on this post in order to edit this post and add your new community promotion ad to the above list and ask others to up-vote it. Since you have used your unique URL in the above code, if your ad succeeds to get at least 6 scores and gets served on the main site and if anyone enters this page by clicking on your ad and commits to the proposal, you'll gain +5 reputation as the referrer of that person.

Non experienced committers who did not have any account on any of the StackExchange sites so far can subscribe to this Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry feed and then join these four communities StackOverflow, Geographic Information Systems, Space Exploration and Earth Science and add answer to any new question that they can. This way you will get some experience and also some reputation on any of these 4 sites (which can accelerate the commitment phase because as this photo shows, there are two prerequisites to pass the commitment phase and one of them is a minimum of 100 committers who have at least 200 reputation on any other site of stackexchange network except area51).

enter image description here

Or you can get familiar with the StackExchange network by watching this youtube playlist. Your familiarity with the StackExchange network will be useful especially during the early days of the beta phase (if this proposal succeeds to reach the beta). It may seem frustrating for you but a little familiarity proves you that all of those strict rules are needed for longterm successful management.

If you have any new idea about the proposal or think that some essential editions are needed, you can simply create a new discussion at the top.

enter image description here

or you can have more discussion with other committers in the chat room dedicated to this proposal.

enter image description here

This proposal experienced a rather slowly-growing definition phase because I was alone sharing and referring others to follow and also I wasn't so experienced.
Also there was not much discussion on the example questions, etc.
But here in this post I've tried to explain all of the pertinent facts needed for the commitment phase (use the information and share the proposal in an effective way). I hope we will experience a more rapidly-growing commitment phase with your shares, referrals, recommendations, commitments, active participation in the chat or in the discussions, etc.

Remember: The key for a successful site is experienced and enthusiast committers as much as possible.

Remember: You can gain more reputation on the site, by sharing your unique URL and HTML code as much as possible.

enter image description here
I've earned the promotor badge because of having 5 referrals so far. Some of them are the people I haven't met so far.
On october 10th 2016, I earned the Campaigner badge because of having 25 referrals so far.
Some of them are the people I haven't met so far.
In fact I haven't emailed anyone or shared any post since the start of the commitment phase. This is because my unique link has been spreaded on the net many time since last year. You can also earn those badges by sharing or sending emails to your friends and recommending them to commit especially if you're a professional or expert.

Thanks to maRtin who has shared the commitment invitation on gis-blog.com
Thanks to Charles Gignac who has shared the commitment invitation on 40 ans de télédétection
Thanks to Vassilis who has shared the commitment invitation on Cartography.gr
Thanks to GSTav, Thiyaku, Trevor J. Smith and Rajat Sharma for referring others to commit to the proposal. Thanks to Simon Baier who has for sharing the commitment invitation.

And now just 3 days left to determine the destiny of this proposal


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