Even though their scope is very clearly defined from the first day, Stack Overflow in [insert non-English language spoken by a sufficent number of devs around the world here] proposals have to go through the definition phase, which they don't (and will never) need in order to be a thriving Q&A site.

Why not let them enter the commitment phase right after they're created?


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The issue is moot. We are not currently accepting proposals for non-English sites — See Internationalization 'State of the Stack'.

But each phase also measures if there is enough interest and support to actually build a site. We would not side-step that process; it never ends well.


No, it's a bad idea

If there aren't enough people using the language, then it wouldn't be a thriving and therefore useful site. This is why it goes through the regular phases of becoming a site--to show that there is sufficient interest.

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