I know that machine learning is an another section of artificial intelligence. Currently I ask machine learning related doubts in stats.SE but can I ask machine learning related questions like What are the libraries available to program a CNN in R ? in new AI SE itself? Or this site is entirely dedicated to artificial general intelligence related questions?

Proposal: Artificial Intelligence


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No, machine learning as far as implementation goes is not on topic for this site. We've had two previous failures in launching a site about AI (which already included machine learning) — and the resolution following those failures was to create a more-comprehensive site which included the development of AI, machine learning, statistical tools, big data, NLP, data mining, etc, etc.

That site is Data Science

Data Science is an applied site for all the programmers/statisticians/mathematicians who are trying to make this stuff work.

So why are we trying an AI site… again?

Notice that this proposal is in the 'Science' category; not 'Technology'. Despite the creation of a Data Science site to cover this topic, the community made a sufficiently compelling case that there is a swath of questions in the academic humanities arena that are not covered by our current sites.

It was convincing enough to give this site another try, but if this site were to simply start reiterating the implementation/tools questions that are already covered elsewhere, this site will not likely make it out of private beta.

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    Everything in the proposal is considered when evaluating whether the site would likely be viable. If the proposal looks good across the board, that is the "compelling case" I am referring to. Commented Aug 4, 2016 at 13:09

It's tricky... Machine Learning and Data Science are clearly related, but so are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am guessing that if you rule everything "ML" off-topic, it will turn a lot of otherwise interested participants off of the site. And sadly, for better or worse, one metric SE looks at in evaluating sites is the total volume of questions and answers during the beta period.

My feeling is that not including ML, even implementation related questions, will hinder, rather than help, the site. But that's just me.

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