I thought of this proposal this morning. I love StackExchange as a resource mostly because of its professional nature. But there isn't always a place for questions such as these (for example):

  • Why are Americans perceived to dislike the French?
  • How many Germans in the world today think Hitler's actions were justifiable or are/were supportive of them?
  • Do truck drivers think reversing with a trailer on is the worst part of their job?

I don't know how well this will be received, but I honestly think it's worth considering. After all, if it comes into production there's bound to be some very interesting - and professional - questions. Why? Yahoo! Answers can be useful, but quite often it is very sloppy or just trolled. I think questions likes the ones above are very real and deserve more than just a one-word or poorly-formatted answer.


Offhand, all of the example question you presented here seem to me as primarily opinion based, and you'll have a hard time getting an objective answer for them.

Having said that, if you think this proposal could take off, you should just create this proposal and let the voting system show if there's an agreement around it or not.

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