The proposal is deleted.

Proposal: Polls

It would be a great idea for polls to be put here, instead of metas. Metas generally have no support for polling, and thus consensi are made. What do you think? Maybe an option relating to different SE sites be added.

There must be a design for the site to be for real polling and not just asking.

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Creating a site like this that actually works would require that SE recode how the voting system works entirely... polls should not let you up and down vote a poll item and (arguably) you should only be able to vote for one answer (or possibly a limited number of answers)... and if SE were to recode the voting system for polls, I don't understand the facility of requiring them to go off-site to a site that conglomerates the polls in one place.

Most users on site X are not going to want to have to go to site Y to vote on the polls and if that's the case, the polls are invalid for purposes of site consensus.


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