Proposal: Artificial Intelligence

It is clear that many people believe that this proposed site may fail to get out of private beta, mostly because this site has been proposed before, and that there are a variety of other sites that already cover some aspect of AI. I already assume we're not going to get "experts" and resigned myself to this fact.

In case the site has closed down, I have produced a site aggregator called "StackAI" to aggregate all AI questions on Stack Exchange (although I did not realize Stack Exchange filters exist at the time that could have replicated some of the same functionality). I think an aggregator could be a good way to "find" useful AI topics and get your questions answered, but I don't know whether it would be "enough". I also do want to see this site succeed.

As a last-ditch effort to 'save' this site from closure, it may be good to use all other AI-related sites (Philosophy, Cross Validated, etc.) as a resource for this site. If someone asks about a topic like "emotional intelligence", we can search all those other sites (such as Philosophy) to see what other experts in those fields have said, curate them together, and then link to them. Instead of trying to bring experts to the site, we see what experts already say and then report on what they say. That will be much better than fans randomly speculating and coming up with answers...or worse, leaving the question blank.

I understand it may not be 'glorious', but it could try to stop inactivity. (If not though, then I could probably just focus on making the "StackAI" aggregator better and promoting that instead.) AI interest is not going away, and the last thing I want to see happen is a AI site closed down and non-experts stuck mindlessly speculating about AI and not getting any closer to getting their questions answered.

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Cross-Posting isn't really cool. When the OP believed that he/she can get a better answer in a particular site, then proper chance has to be given to the site members and the OP for getting a credible answer.

The only scenario where cross-posting makes sense is, when the OP doesn't get the answer even after a long time.

it may be good to use all other AI-related sites (Philosophy, Cross Validated, etc.) as a resource for this site.

This actually defeats the purpose of having a site for AI in the first place. When you know that there are other AI-related sites, I think we would be better off not having another AI related site, than trying to cross-post.


If there are not enough new questions to make the site viable, well, it's not viable. You may get through private beta by copying stuff, and maybe keep it up a few months, but eventually the material will run out and you are left with the hard truth.

If you want to be honest with the community and yourself, don't repost questions.

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