For example :

I'm French, and I'd like to ask a question on how to avoid having to kiss people on the cheeks every day without being rude.

Would this question be on scope here even if it's set in a specific country?

Proposal: Interpersonal Skills

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    Make this into an example question and you should be able to find your response!
    – Ken Graham
    Commented Jun 2, 2016 at 4:08

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Yes, restricting a question to a specific country/culture/region is OK.

Actually, I would say it is even recommended for most questions.

For instance, rules of interaction with your father will be very different if you live in Tokyo or Napoli or Catatumbo.


Those questions are okay. I would even advocate a rule that bans questions about etiquette where the person asking the question fails to specify the cultural context.

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