Here is some of text below where questions are posted:

We want to find the best example questions.

(Emphasis in original). This seems to say no, I should only ask good questions. Also the fact I can earn reputation for questions seems to say "no". But I can also interpret this as more "Some of your questions should be the best, and you should ask more good questions than bad, otherwise you will lose rep".

Discussing whether questions are on-topic or off-topic helps figure out what the site is about, and, more importantly, what it's not about.

(Emphasis mine). This seems to say "yes".

If the answer is "no" or "yes", then could you change the text below where questions are posted to reflect this?

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    I would say no. With Area 51 it seems that "bad" questions are the ones that don't rise to the top; if there's no chance it would be a good question - why ask it? Scope is defined with the voting of questions, but also during the beginning on beta. May 21 '16 at 18:47

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