My unanswered question was deleted by the Community♦ user, despite having a score of +1:

According to How does deletion work?, the system deleted a question if:

  • The system will automatically delete any post flagged six times as offensive or spam.

(Hopefully not the case)

  • The system will automatically delete closed (not as a duplicate), unlocked questions with zero or negative score

(My question was not closed)

  • The system will automatically delete unlocked, unanswered questions that have negative score after 30 days

(My question had positive score)

  • The system will automatically delete unlocked, unanswered questions with score of zero (or one if the owner is deleted), fewer than 1.5 views per day on average, and fewer than two comments after 365 days

(My question had a score one but I'm not deleted, and it has been less than 365 days)

...etc. None of the other system deletion criteria apply.

Why was my post deleted?

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The question was eventually removed by the automated processes because it was part of a proposal which was closed and later deleted after a period of inactivity.

When the proposal is deleted by one of the automated cleanup processes, the posts linked only to that proposal are also removed. If a question about that proposal is asked later (linking to the deleted proposal), the process will not remove that post. But if the post is inadvertently removed (something still being used), you can 'flag' it for moderator attention to have it restored.


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