I was wondering on this idea - perhaps this has been discussed before. It happens often to me that I have some question to ask and I think:

I'd like to ask this on SE, but I don't know if there is a proper site for this kind of question - or if there should be. It would be nice that SE had a site for asking this meta-question : where does this question fit?

Questions on this hypothetical SE site would be either forwared to the proper SE site (perhaps in beta or proposal state), or closed (or answered?) as "this does not belong here". Perhaps even concrete answers to the "inner" question could be allowed (I'm not sure). Also, this could be useful to get ideas for new SE sites.

BTW: I'm not sure if this question belongs here :-)

  • This might be a nice idea for a new service to act as a SE broker, you ask the question, we route it to the proper SE site, then hand you back the answer
    – A.Rashad
    Commented Aug 29, 2017 at 14:58

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Yes, it's been discussed before and, yes you are in the right place to raise the issue.

The short answer is 'no', we do not need nor intend to build a dedicated site to ask about where to ask. The network Meta Support site was set up, in part, to ask questions about the proper use of the network as a whole (including where a particular question would fit). You can also browse through our site listings and head towards the nearest likely site and ask (on their meta) if your question might fit here. And finally (this is an often-missed "feature" of these sites), you can simply go ahead and ask your question wherever it seems most appropriate and the community should (hopefully) provide thoughtful guidance about how to make your question fit… or guide you towards the correct destination. That is what a wiki collaboration is about.

In terms of creating a generic "catch all" site where questions can either be answered or migrated (or be suggestive of a new site), that goes squarely against how Stack Exchange handles Q&A. For a quick background on why we wont likely ever create a slush pile outlet for questions, you can read What is special about Stack Exchange — folks often summarize this as "We don't want to become Yahoo! Answers".

I hope that helps.

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