Proposal: Electronic Gadgets

I noticed a meta question on the main SE site asking for the appropriate SE site to ask their question that is related to mobile phones. The user that answered this question has mentioned reviving the proposal.

As the proposal was closed five years ago due to lack of activity, is there a possibility of proposing this site again now, or at least through a similar name? Five years seems like a great deal of time since this proposal lost activity. It is possible that during these 5 years the interest in smart phones may have increased globally. I mean, nowadays a lot of people that use SE have their mobile phones. Likewise, I'd like to re-open this proposal if it's possible to revive it.

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Writing a brand new proposal (with reference to the closed site) is always possible. There will be no "revival" of an old proposal, you have to go the whole long way from the start again.

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