Proposal: Arts and Crafts

As the title says, will questions on miniature painting, dioramas etc be on topic?

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I don't see any reason why an art/craft would be excluded just based on size :)

I can think of a number of questions related to painting miniatures, making scale models or dioramas, etc. There is some possible overlap with Railways & Railroads (model railroading often incorporates constructing a miniature world for the train to travel through), but:

  1. that site is still working through Area51
  2. I don't believe the possibility of them being viable is a reason to exclude miniature work from Arts & Crafts
  3. there are other miniature arts/crafts (e.g. painting miniatures for tabletop gaming, or dollhouse furniture) that have nothing to do with model railroading, and wouldn't be on-topic at Railways & Railroads

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