Proposal: Deep Web

The way I see it, stackexchange is a way to get answers to things that you cannot simply google search. Is there something different about this proposal, like finding entire websites that cannot be found by conventional google searches (or can they with certain wording?)?

  • This proposal is in the Commitment phase. To find out what kinds of questions are intended to be on topic, you can read the upvoted example questions.
    – Dan Getz
    Mar 22, 2016 at 12:08

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Stackexchange is far more then finding things you cant Google. (By the way most question show up on google :) "Stack Exchange network has grown to include 153 different communities visited by over 105 million monthly unique visitors." Meaning in my point of view each community has unique users that are on it to help others answer questions they may have on their topic. You can find more on the tour page http://stackexchange.com/tour

Deep Web This site is for question concerning the deep web (how to what it is and more)

And yes that can not be reached on traditional web servers.

Hope this help :-)

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