Proposal: Artificial Intelligence

The posts under the topics: machine learning, artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, natural language processing are on-topic on Computer Science.

So, how does this site differentiate from those questions?

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    also on topic on stats SE, data science, and to some extent, linguistics SE. Commented Mar 25, 2016 at 20:43

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The Computer Science site refers to the algorithmic aspects in artificial intelligence (on some taxonomy, the other keywords are parts of AI, and I assume so to shorten). So yes, there is a strong connection here.

The Artificial Intelligence proposal also mentions technology, history, and philosophy. These keywords do not appear on the CS page, so they are in a blurry area. One current idea of the Artificial Intelligence proposal is to have these categories as explicit topics.

The soft/hardware keywords are vague in the current AI proposal (e.g. how far a connection with Robotics). However, CS states that:

Questions about how a particular piece of software or hardware works aren't science (unless you're asking about the scientific concepts behind that software or hardware). You may ask on Super User or other appropriate technology sites.

The AI proposal could accept questions about particular pieces, e.g. LISP (see Norvig's "Lisp [was] the most popular language for AI programming"), or machine learning libraries like TensorFlow. This is yet to decide, as the proposal could be torn apart among Data Science and StackOverflow, for example.

Differences from existing candidate questions

A few examples of candidate questions that do not seem a good fit for CS (among the questions with 10 votes up; two from me...):

On the border line, there are also such questions (again with 10 votes up):

I think this is border line, as it is about algorithms thus part of CS, but specifically about AI terminology and methods.

Differences from some Artificial Intelligence "official" categories

The ACM classifies AI as a computing methodology, and, although entirely part of Computer Science, it has its own category. Interestingly, Machine Learning is also its own category aside AI, which may indicate that a category is created there, on its own, when it becomes "big enough". In this way of thinking, ML is on-topic with CS, yet on track to be additionally explored on the Data Science SE. An AI site would fall in a similar pattern, provided the difference with some other sites (Robotics, Data Science) is also recognized by the community, e.g. the historical or technological aspects.

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    History of CS is ontopic on Computer Science. For technology, there are plenty of SE sites. So all you add is the philosophy part? I don't think will make for a healthy site.
    – Raphael
    Commented Aug 9, 2016 at 8:51
  • How do you think about discussing that further either on the beta meta, or in its chat? I do not see more "work" here getting enough review from the wannabe community. Commented Aug 9, 2016 at 9:08

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