I noticed a problem in my proposal and in other proposals as well. If proposal is followed by a person not familiar with area 51 process they upvote/downvote and comment questions as if it was a real question. for example they may upvote a question if it's related to them even if it's complete offtopic. And in comments they start a discussion about solution of the problem itself and not its value in definition of the topic.

Could you please give me a hint with good practice how to explain random people what is required on this phase? I prepare people who came from my invitation but how can I help random wanderers?


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Someone proposed a great site. How do I get involved?

A good Q&A site needs a lot of people to support it, so users are asked to invite their friends and help build the community. Continuous participation is really, really important because each phase of the proposal has different ways to get involved.

  1. Follow it and help design the community! During the "Definition" phase, if you are interested in a proposed site, click the "Follow It!" link. We design these communities by proposing hypothetical questions, and then voting whether or not they are good questions for the site. Questions can be upvoted if you think they'll be interesting, downvoted if you think they won't be, and closed if you think they are a poor fit for the community. Propose questions you might ask or want to see answered on the site and comment and vote on those already proposed. The goal is to come up with at least 40 questions that embody the topic's scope. When at least 40 questions have a score of at least ten net votes (up minus down), then the proposal is considered "defined."

    You can comment on individual questions to suggest improvements or voice concerns. For more extensive deliberations and discussions regarding the proposal as a whole, we have a separate Discussion Zone. Click "create new discussion" link near the top of the proposal to begin a new discussion.

    We'll let you know whenever the site reaches the next milestone. A site moves to the "Commitment" phase when its definition is complete and it has a show of support from enough potential users. If a proposal doesn't have followers, the site will not get created.

An excerpt from the faq.

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    I know the faq exists. But what's the answer on my question? ). The faq exists but still a lot of people in proposals are trying to answer questions. People click on a link somewhere, get to the proposal, see a lot of questions and do the most intuituve thing they can do - answer these questions. They already saw stackoverflow or similar sites so they know what to do - answer questions. So once they visit proposal we have to stop them somehow from answering, point them to this faq and ask to return back and do things in a correct way. How to do it? Should we do it at all? Commented Jan 29, 2016 at 11:34
  • @YurySukhoverkhov If it's clear someone doesn't understand something, reply to their comment highlighting and correcting their misconception, and provide a link to the faq so they can find out more.
    – Tom Medley
    Commented Jan 29, 2016 at 12:30
  • I can't think of anything better than you proposed - just give each and everyone a link to section in FAQ. I was thinking about large flashing banner at the top like "read the FAQ" but, perhaps, this is not the best way by many reasons ). Commented Feb 2, 2016 at 10:00

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