Чи будуть дозволені питання щодо перекладу іншомовних слів/фраз/виразів на українську на запропонованому сайті "Ukrainian Language"?

З одного боку, здається, що немає формальних причин це забороняти, оскільки формально такі запитання прекрасно підходять під цілі і тематику сайту, визначені в інших обговореннях. З іншого боку, такі запитання часто задаються не через недостатній рівень знання української мови, а через недостатнє розуміння оригінального іншомовного виразу, а для таких випадків є інші сайти.


Will questions like "What is the best translation of [...] to Ukrainian?" be allowed in the proposed "Ukrainian Language" site?

On the one hand, there seems to be no formal reason to forbid this kind of questions, as formally they seem to perfectly fit goals and scope defined in other discussions. On the other hand, such questions often come from those who actually don't fully understand original phrase, but not the Ukrainian language, and therefore there are other sites for such people.

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Stack Exchange is not a translation service, so straight-up translation questions like "What is the Ukranian word for book?" or "Translate this letter for me…" would be off topic.

However, some idiomatic expressions can be difficult to express between languages, so those types of finer-point questions are typically well-regarded for a site like this.

Stack Exchange — не перекладацьке бюро, тому прямі питання щодо перекладу на зразок "Як буде українською book?" або "Перекладіть мені цей лист…" будуть поза темою розділу. Тим не менш, деякі сталі (ідіоматичні) вирази буває важко висловити іноземною мовою, тому такі запитання щодо відтінків значень, як правило, вважають доречними для сайтів як цей.

(translation provided by Sasha)

  • Thanks :). What I had in mind when writing this question is that I saw Facebook community that is dedicated to translating various non-trivial foreign phrases (from films, technical documentation, etc). And I was thinking whether such audience/goals would be valid part of the proposed site.
    – Sasha
    Commented Jan 11, 2016 at 15:35
  • 1
    I'd like to see translation of technical documentation at least as community wikis, for example "Programming lexicon", which could cover basic terms that have no direct or have ambiguous translations to Ukrainian, e.g. "reshape"/"resize", "span", "tacit programming", etc. It could also be concerned about synonims "pointer - покажчик чи вказівник?". Such questions could be popular as there are a lot of StackOverflow members here and every ukrainian programmer sometimes has difficulties in communication with coleques, as it's unclear how to express many phrases in programming context.
    – Dan Oak
    Commented May 15, 2016 at 6:10

Let's stick for the practices that are already established for other Language-dedicated stacks. Those rules are more or less following (applied to specifically Ukrainian stack):

  • Translations from Ukrainian to English are off-topic (if you'll think a bit you'll realize that questions of this kind are not about Ukrainian)
  • Translations from English to Ukrainian are off-topic but it should be clearly stated what exactly are translations.

There's line between questions like - (good ones) "Do I get the meaning of this particular phrase right", "Is there a better way to express this ...", "Собака or пес - which one to choose" and (bad ones) "Can someone translate "Я не здамся без бою" song - what it is all about" or "How I should say dog"?


I oftenly translate articles into ukrainian Wikipedia, and currently i translate whole book. I have a lot of troubles with terminology. we don't have established terminology in Ukrainian in many areas.

I agree that simple translation questions should be forbidden, but if topic starter looks for terminological advice, how to translate some piece of terminology into Ukrainian, then it should be allowed.

  • A agree with you. As Ukrainian terminology is underdeveloped many areas (e.g. IT), terminology-related translation questions aren't always trivial. It would be nice if you provide some example questions on the proposal page (you can also vote-up/vote-down other questions, if you wish).
    – Sasha
    Commented Dec 2, 2016 at 16:50
  • you can check out the Slovotvir website, sometimes there are very nice proposals for translating them missing terms, e.g. 'like' -> 'вподобайка' (social networks context).
    – s0nata
    Commented Jan 11, 2017 at 13:25

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