I ask not about sites like "Programming (in Chinese)" and "Cooking (in French)", but about sites devoted to specific language like German Language or Spanish Language.

Important point: I assume that an "Xxxian Language" site will contain both questions in English (with answers in English accordingly) and questions in Xxxian language (with answers in Xxxian language accordingly), with menus and user interface in English. We can see that in German Language or Spanish Language, for example.

Fact 1. There are plenty of such language-devoted sites living already and several in definition and commitment phases.

Fact 2. In June 2015 the "Internationalization 'State of the Stack' - SE 2.0 Sites edition" document was released, which says:

In order for us to consider a localized site other than Stack Overflow, Stack Overflow must currently exist in the target language. Additionally, we positively must have community manager cycles to spare, from someone fluent in the target language.


  1. Does it mean "no" (actually "not yet") for new language-devoted sites?

  2. Or does it mean that it depends on the ratio of English questions to Xxxian questions in the proposed site? E.g. if the site is dedicated to English-speaking users who're learning Xxxian language, then it is "yes", and if it is dedicated to Xxxian-speaking users who're improving their skills, then it is "no". Although surely in both cases real site (if created) would contain mix of questions, but declared purpose and rules do matter.

    • Then what about language sites that are bilingual by design?
  3. Or does it mean "yes", because the statement simply doesn't relate to language-devoted sites? I.e. it is about general cases, but sites that are entirely devoted to some language are special case.

Or anything else?

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Yes, sites like Hebrew Language, Lojban Language, and Arabic are alive and well and will be launched if they reach full commitment. Nothing has changed in the handling of these subjects.

The distinction is that these are all English-language sites about a subject of interest — the subject just happens to be a foreign language. If folks native to that language want to come over to use a Stack Exchange site about their language, that's fine (and encouraged). And if folks want to ask and answer questions in the target language, that is perfectly fine too; it's called full immersion and it is the best way to learn a language.

  • But can some of the discussions on, say, a hypothetical Meta Lojban, be in Lojban, or must all meta discussions be understandable for a community manager?
    – gerrit
    Commented Jun 26, 2019 at 8:09
  • @gerrit I guess it's okay to use the proposed language. Meta French has some Q&A entirely in French.
    – Andrew T.
    Commented May 11, 2022 at 16:42

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