Is there a place in the StackExchange network for questions on any hardware related issues? It seems the answer is no, but please correct me if I'm missing something.

For example, StackOverflow is for any programming question related to any library or any language. But when I search for hardware I see only Recommendations, an Arduino site, an Apple site, and a Raspberry Pi site.

It seems to me that it is counter-productive pigeonholing each specific hardware issue into its own sub-site. It makes it harder to stumble upon related issues and you get fewer eyeballs looking at the issue set as a whole. In my opinion, a hardware.stackexchange.com where you could ask about anything from a chainsaw problem to a smoking PS4 would be a hell of a lot more useful.

I ask specifically because recently I've purchased an electronic device and I'm having a number of problems configuring it. The company offers no official support and the forums are the usual cesspool of misinformation and internet adolescence. Having a Stack site to ask about the issues and have useful answers get voted up would be a huge improvement.

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I need EXACTLY what you propose.

I want to assemble a kit that involves an android device and a recording hardware, but my question was kicked out by the children in command of the Hardware Recommendations site and the Electrical Engineering, and I will not post it on Android Enthusiasts, as I already know the MO of the children in charge there too.

The excuse is always the same: off topic.

There was an Electronic Gadgets site here on stack exchange that was shut down by the same mindset in charge.

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    Calling other users with more experience and knowledge of a system than you, "children" doesn't lend well to actually gaining support. – Nij Jun 28 at 23:41
  • I call children whoever abuses power and shuts other people questions they decide they don't like for subjective reasons. No one will ever find a better description. – Lucas BS Jun 30 at 0:10
  • Amazing... As if I didn't foresee that the answer would be bashed for no technical reason. And the funny part: they don't want such an attitude to be called childish. – Lucas BS Jul 1 at 10:57

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