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The text of this proposal reads:

Proposed Q&A site for people who fashion things with their hands, 3-D printers, cosplayers, costumers, glassblowers, makerspacers, robotics, woodshopping, metalsmithing, art and jewlery, papercraft, etc

Is this proposal a duplicate of Arts and Crafts? The only thing that "Arts and Crafts" doesn't cover is 3D printing, which has its own proposal.


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I don't know that A&C necessarily covers cosplay, costuming or robotics.... They all seem highly specialized (like 3D printing) and I'm not sure what "makerspacers" are... they seem to also be called "Hackerspaces"

I certainly think that the costuming/cosplay could be its own proposal, as it's highly specialized and requires a lot of specific knowledge of different eras and different techniques. Currently it is generally covered in the Acting and Dramatic Arts proposal but I'm not sure how welcome cosplayers would be there.

Robotics is its own thing and is already in Beta.

And, as you said, 3D Printing is already covered in its own proposal.

If "makerspacers" is what I'm getting the idea it is, sites like Arduino (in Beta) and Open Source (also in Beta) cover a lot of what they do... but realistically, they seem to be a type of person that is a very broad category of topics and the point is to have a space where equipment and servers are available for the group to share the cost rather than each owning their own.

The building or facility the hackerspace occupies provides physical infrastructure that members need to complete their projects. In addition to space, most hackerspaces provide electrical power, computer servers, and networking with Internet connectivity. Well-equipped hackerspaces may provide machine tools, sewing, crafting, art fabrication, audio equipment, video projectors, game consoles, electronic instrumentation (such as oscilloscopes and signal generators), electronic components and raw materials for hacking, and various other tools for electronics fabrication and creating things. Specialized large-format printers, 3D printers, laser cutters, industrial sewing machines or water jet cutters may be available for members to use. Some hackerspaces provide food storage and food preparation equipment, and may teach courses in basic or advanced cooking.

  • Seems like there's a range of overlap here. Some things clearly aren't part of A&C or 3-D printing (robotics, makerspacers). Other things seem clearly part of A&C (art, jewelry). So I'm sure there is scope here that isn't already covered, but I also don't think the existing proposal is doing a good job of making sure it doesn't overlap heavily with existing sites.
    – Cascabel
    Commented May 7, 2016 at 2:09

In addition to that, I think this proposal is trying to cram in a lot of things.

I didn't understand what does the term who fashion things with their hands actually means.

If it is simply hand-crafts and if 3D printing is on-topic, then I think Arduino, RaspBerryPy, etc are also on-topic; which makes the site very, very broad and also dilutes traffic from the existing dedicated sites.

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    "Who fashion things with their hands" is just a verbose way of saying "handmade" like in our description: Proposed Q&A site for questions about traditional artwork and handmade items.
    – user139692
    Commented Dec 11, 2015 at 4:11
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    Under that premise woodworkers and brewmasters qualify as those 'who fashion things with their hands'?
    – Citizen
    Commented Jan 12, 2016 at 6:02

To play devil's advocate, I think this proposal is a fair idea.

It would enable interest from otherwise overly specific suggestions such as "Blacksmith" to reach beta. (I am still amazed how Arduino made it to beta).

Arts and crafts has the wrong connotation, which I believe this proposal was geared to complement, moving away from art and towards more technical / mechanical things. Perhaps this proposal should be reworded so it clearly differentiates itself.

Saying that, Adam Davis's question highlights where the problems are, some would remain; namely, a catch-all with multiple unrelated fields/experts.

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