Proposal: Korean Language

To keep the interest in this going and to encourage more new users to commit here I have set up a chat room at


I hope to use this chat room can serve as a place for the community members to come together and share ideas about how to get this site to beta, as well as perhaps ask and answer simple questions about Korean language, as least as much as is possible in a chat room

I am hoping that this will keep the committers from losing interest, as well make sure that if the site does make it to private beta, it will have enough active participants to make it to public beta, and eventually get fully created

For starters, we can try to find the answers to few of the most popular questions when we were in the proposal stage and post them in the chat for other users. If someone is interested in learning Korean language and has some questions they are also welcome to ask it in chat, and hopefully one of the online members can chime in and give an answer. Lets work together and make this site a reality!

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