Proposal: Programmable logic and FPGA design

By votes, it's clear that there's support for explicitly including IC design for this proposal. Given that this proposal has taken a very long time to get to where it is (unfortunately), broadening the scope is a good idea!

My suggestion for a new title:

"Digital and IC design"


"Proposed Q&A site for IC designers, FPGA users, FPGA-based system designers of all experience levels."

That both includes all aspects of logic design, and further sets this proposal apart from the electronics SE site (where this proposal doesn't belong, in my opinion).

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    I think it's sad that there isn't enough demand to keep an FPGA-specific thing going. I'm not against broadening to also include other IC topics, but I thought an FPGA place was exciting. Sure, there's plenty of overlap in RTL things and some tools. But there's also tools specific to FPGA, or to ASIC etc. and there's also design fundamental concepts that are more restrictive in FPGAs than ASICs, such as "is there a dual-edge flip-flop available or not" when an ASIC guy just uses a library that has one. I hope the broader topic gets the site done, and I'll be happy to hang out. – billt Jul 20 '11 at 0:53

My 2p-worth:

Explicitly widening the scope sounds like a good idea, but...

"IC design" doesn't naturally (to my ears) include FPGAs (I know it could and probably should!)

Seeing that title conjours up discussions about polygons and transistor-level design, and possibly "how do I manage this billion-gate verification problem".

How about "Digital, programmable logic and IC design"?

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  • Just "digital logic", without the word "programmable" already includes fpgas, too, don't you think? There's no need to explicitly mention it in the title, I think it belongs in the subtitle/description. – Stan Dec 30 '11 at 9:22

I am open to a name change but first I would like to hear from some more domain experts who are familiar with the field.

I would like to determine if a title/name change to:

Digital & IC Design

is somehow "more acceptable" to the industry as a whole, including the folks already supporting the proposal.

The naming of a site can alter it's perception and I just don't know enough about this field to judge. Does this name change in anyway suggest a change in direction, scope, or a different audience? Or does it literally only expand its scope to be more inclusive of the industry?

I'm looking at this from the point of view of the current committers who are supporting the proposal — Would they have been "reasonably" likely to commit to a proposal called "Digital & IC Design" if that's where it started? Or is there a reasonable case to be made for "I love the programmable logic proposal but don't feel welcome at "Digital & IC Design"?


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  • I think that the change would simply expands scope, to the benefit both very related audiences. Votes on previous questions and comments suggest that people would like to make this change, and I propose it here so people can vote on it explicitly. – Saar Drimer Jul 17 '11 at 9:59

I can see that this is not quite getting anywhere yet. Probably the best idea would to be to propose a title similar to "Embedded hardware and software" that would also imply integration and co-design. So the idea would be to leave electronics.sx for purely electronics stuff, i.e. PCB design, signal integrity, semiconductors, test & measurement, mixed signal simulation BUT excluding embedded software questions, HDL questions, co-design questions and large digital system desing question. Though there still seems to be an intersection, suppose one would ask about "What is [Insert the name of New High Speed Serial Bus]?" and the Q&A would flow in the direction of signal path aspects of using it because that would be the most important aspect of using that particular technology, however I suppose this is the same sort of intersection that many SX sites have anyway.

To me it looks like "Embedded hardware and software" would be also well suited for RTOS and Linux questions to, e.g. where it comes to questions about driver development, power-consumption optimisation and durability of flash storage using certain filesystem type.

Meanwhile, I'd like to point out that "Digital & IC Design" sound like a niche subject which could be covered by a tag rather then an entire site.

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  • Another way to expand this would be to include verification, as well. "Digital logic design and verification" would be broad enough to include a large number of topics and generate a lot of interest. – Stan Dec 29 '11 at 22:57

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