Btw, it is not really a traumatic experience to me, because I would like more to have more professional accounts in my firsts. I've even planned to ask the SE to separate my area51 and MSE accounts to a secondary SE account (which had been probably rejected).

So, I am just curious, how has my area51 reputation suddenly fallen to around 1379 from around 2200?

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Periodically rep counts are refreshed in Area 51, rep points for deleted proposals fall off as they don't exist any longer. It is not unusually for a long time participant to lose 1/3 or 1/2 of their rep. I don't keep that close of an eye on mine but I believe it was over 5,000 and fell to around 3,000 about 3 weeks ago. I think there may be some old posts still around this, but I did not look.

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