I have a series of question I would like to ask related to rhetorics, debating and general techniques for persuasion. They range from quickly identifying logical fallacies to rhetorical semantics to debating to NLP (neuro linguistic programming) all the way to downright machiavellian techniques on political methods and manipulation.

I could thing of various sites where it would be tangential, including philosophy, english, or even cognitive science. But none that I could consider as full on topic.

An example question would be:

I was debating a person and they used something I felt was a poorly reasoned argument borderlining a logical fallacy ('XYZ'). Can you identify the logical fallacy they used ? What are some effective methods I could retort to that person to disarm their position and expose it as lacking reason?

If no existing sites serve this subject domain, would there be interest in starting one?



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