I took part in a discussion question, linked for those who are able to view it, in the now-deleted Birds proposal. I believe it also referenced the Bird Watching proposal, which is still active, in Definition phase. I no longer have access to the question or my answer, though, so I can't confirm that.

The question asked whether or not Birds was a duplicate of The Great Outdoors. There were varying opinions, but as part of the discussion, an invitation was issued by TGO to people interested in those other proposals, whether or not they came to fruition on their own.

It then became the basis for an important meta post at TGO, as part of an initiative for expansion of their user base and question volume. It is referenced and quoted from in that question. That link now leads to a Page Not Found.

The TGO post could of course be edited in such a way as to alleviate the need for the link, but before doing that, I'm raising this request because I think the deleted question remains pertinent to the Bird Watching proposal. There are some new followers since the deletion of Birds, and it would let them know that a place exists for their questions, either now or in case the proposal doesn't gather enough steam to move forward.

Is it possible to resurrect that deleted question, and keep it linked to the Bird Watching proposal? If it was never linked to that proposal, can it be edited to do so?

(Note: There was a related discussion in 2013, but I don't see this as a duplicate.)


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