The biggest hurdle to getting a proposal through the "Commitment" phase is signing up enough users with EXPERIENCE in Stack Exchange to launch. We must have at least 100 users with 200+ reputation on another SE site to hit that 100% milestone.

We can actually do this ourselves.

Explore the Stack Exchange net!

200 reputation is not a lot, but it will help this proposal immensely.

Gaining reputation also has some other advantages:

  • learning the basics will help tremendously when this site enters (private) beta
  • earning 200+ reputation on any site gives you an automatic 100-rep "association bonus" on every other site you join… automatically!
  • it's fun
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    To make it clear: a user who earns 200+ reputation on an SE site will automatically be counted as a 200+ committer on the proposal; there's no need to sign up separate users who have 200+ rep if you didn't at the time you committed. – damryfbfnetsi Sep 29 at 10:59
  • 4 month is a tough schedule to get your first 200 points of reputation. It isn't impossible (one hot network question may be sufficient), but it is hard. Most new people have little talent in asking good and popular questions, and giving good answers in time is also hard. OK, one can get 200 rep by suggesting 200 edits when one is a native speaker of English .... – jknappen Oct 2 at 10:09
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    @jknappen 20 answer upvotes or 40 question upvotes is enough. – damryfbfnetsi Nov 9 at 22:23
  • "List of all sites" Please fix link to – Vires In Numeris Nov 19 at 15:35
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If you don't have a high level of professional/technical proficiency in any particular field of study, we also have many mainstream sites in subjects like

These communities have a vast level of knowledge in their own right… but they tend to be based a bit more in personal enthusiasm and experience in subjects we deal with every day.

Even if you're not a so-called "expert" in any of these subjects, many of the questions can be researched and answered with great proficiency by anyone who wishes to put in the effort — so gaining a bit of reputation and accolades on these sites is a bit more "accessible", even if you're not deeply entrenched in a technical field you can mentor specifically.

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