For example, can I make a proposal for a community for a country, example: India?

In which, discussions ranging from economics, politics, education, etc of the country be discussed

I did see this question, but all of the proposals are now deleted.

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You can make any proposal you want, the real question is two fold.

  1. Will it fit the stack exchange model? (i.e. Questions and Answers, not Discussion)

  2. Can you (personally) generate enough interest for the proposal start the path to success?

There have been multiple attempts at location specific proposals. The main problem is that most (all?) of the stack exchange appropriate questions are in scope at existing global sites. In our current world, the majority of problems can be addressed best by experts with a global perspective.

If you can envision a site relative to a single country, where the questions and answers are so unique to that country, that a global perspective does not add value, and where you can see a way to encourage a couple of hundred people (half of whom have Stack Exchange experience) to support the Area 51 Proposal; Then you should definitely post the proposal and get it moving.

  • Thank you for informing. After somebody down voted my question, I thought such proposals aren't allowed, Now, this clarifies my doubt.
    – Dawny33
    Sep 2, 2015 at 10:56

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