I am thinking of proposing a data structure and algorithm Q&A group, where users can ask questions related to Data structures and Algorithms and get really space/time optimized solutions.

The problem with Stackoverflow is that although it has quite huge number of such problems but the solutions are not optimized.

Like for example there can be many ways to find the two repeating elements in a given array.

But the most optimized solution to this simple problem is to make two equations or doing a XOR on the elements.

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It will be closed as a duplicate.

You have three places for these kinds of questions though: Stack Overflow itself, Programmers and Code Review.

Questions about algorithms are explicitly on-topic for Programmers, as per their Help Center. In general, Programmers focuses on the "whiteboard" stage of development. A good algorithm design question should be welcome there.

Code Review is about improving working code that is already written. If you implemented it and you'd like to make it more efficient, post your implementation there. They're allowed to criticize everything about your implementation, though, not just the efficiency aspect.

Finally, you can post it on Stack Overflow itself, as you already suggested. Make it clear in the question that you are interested in the efficiency aspect.

Wherever you post your question about optimization, be sure to point out what you're optimizing for - time, memory usage, or any other aspect.

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