Proposal: Computer Graphics
Computer vision today is about as much algorithms as computer graphics.So is it possible that the computer vision be included under computer graphics?

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Good question. Here's how I see it:

No. They are separate fields that need separate sites

There is already a Computer Vision proposal, whose description is:

Proposed Q&A site for scholars, researchers and professionals in image processing and computer vision, machine vision, and image analysis; potentially working in related disciplines including machine learning, optimization, neuroscience, robotics, signal/image processing.

The subjects overlap, but are widely different

While some aspects overlap with Computer Graphics, Computer Vision cannot be regarded as under Computer Graphics as it also includes a range of topics with no Computer Graphics overlap. For the same reason Computer Graphics cannot be considered under Computer Vision either.

The communities only overlap marginally, and do not benefit from being merged

A Stack Exchange site brings together a community of experts. Computer Graphics has a range of different fields of expertise, and we need as many of these represented as possible to give the best possible answers. However, Computer Vision is a distinct community. We cannot include the overlapping aspects without also including machine learning, error correction, neural networks, environment reconstruction - which would be better served by a separate Computer Vision site.

Questions will tend to be either one or the other, not in between

If we had Computer Graphics and Computer Vision in one site, the questions would still tend to be either graphics questions or vision questions, and we would end up with two subsets of the community asking and answering one or the other type. Making decisions on meta about how to shape the site will be difficult with two only vaguely related communities. Both Computer Graphics and Computer Vision will benefit from having their own separate site, for the same reason they will benefit from not just being tags on Stack Overflow. This way they will each have a focused community and can tailor the site rules to suit.

Of course, some people happen to be interested in both fields, and can contribute to both communities. If that applies to you, simply follow both proposals and contribute to both sites.

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    seems like a good option. Commented Jul 26, 2015 at 4:29
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    I don't actually have any knowledge to back any of this up. I'd love to see more informed answers from experts in either/both fields. Commented Aug 3, 2015 at 23:25

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