I think Ukrainian would make a great addition to the StackExchange culture family.

Besides my personal biased opinion, the language has so many dialects as a result of the influences from so many cultures, that dissecting the differences between the dialects is an interesting pastime of many Ukrainians. Heck, my family has even been able to find one word that some knew and some didn't, within the context of the same village. One end of the village knew and used the word while the other end didn't.

There are already great websites like http://tatoeba.org/ that that focus on translation and parallel texts. However I haven't been able to find a good site that offers cultural discussion, or even on language syntax and whatnot.

I’m sure once the topic picked up steam it would provide some lively discussion.

Even if it didn't get very much utilization amongst Ukrainians at first, I'm sure it would be of interest to the large diaspora.

Anyways... that's just my дві копійки

  • Your description here definitely makes it sound like a very interesting proposal - the variation in dialects would also link to aspects of local history and cultural influences.
    – user99773
    Jan 5, 2014 at 23:19

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You're in the right place. The first step to get a site created is to propose it. Please see the faq for details.


Proposal: Ukrainian Language & Usage


Newer proposal: Ukrainian Language

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