So yesterday, i got downvotes, but +10 reputation, which just in total gived me 2 reputation. Now, i got -10 reputation and im stuck with 43.

Also, in this post i just putted the most important things in bold.

  • The irony of how this post got voted.
    – intcreator
    Jul 24 '15 at 2:03

Lets see your downvoted questions and answers.

Question: https://area51.meta.stackexchange.com/q/21182/49940

Programming: StackOverFlow, Hardware/Software: SuperUser.

I just can't find a good topic.

Any suggestion?

Your first comment:

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

Your second comment:

Got a idea. It is on topic on stackoverflow, but atleast it's not another stackoverflow.

My comment about that:

I did not downvoted you, but... Huh? What are you talking about?

Seriously, I didn't got a clue about what do you intend to do or to say with that question, and I suspect that a lot of people thinks the same as me.

Further, this is not a twitter-like blog, chat, or facebook timeline where you are supposed to post your random toughts and ideas (or the unability to get any idea). This is intended to be used to post site proposal ideas after you got them somehow and to debate the already proposed sites in a way to clear and fix misunderstandings, scope problems, suggestions, duplications, etc.

Question: I like this site's idea and i reccomend you to follow the idea

Proposal: Viruses, Malware, Phishing

Your first comment:

I can't believe people are downvoting...

Your second comment:

And more downvotes... I guess they are malicious.

Comment from another user:

No, not necessarily "malicious", it is more than likely that people are disagreeing with your recommendation.

My comment about that:

I did not downvoted, but I guess that people downvoted because your question is not really a question about anything. It is not an important announcement for debate either. This question looks like that you are just spamming your own personal preferences about a community without saying anything interesting about it. But to make things worse, the only people who are likely to easy see your topic is those that are already following the proposal, i.e., those that do not need your recommendation anyway because it is redundant. This turns this question into nothing more than useless noise.

Seriously, that question was completely useless. Again, this is not a twitter-like blog, chat or facebook timeline.

Answer to the question: Stealing questions from Web Applications SE?

This is the question:

Users would most likely ask about Google's web applications on this site (Docs, Slides, Sheets, YouTube, etc). However, many questions from Super User Stack Exchange are related to these applications. How could this site avoid overlapping with Super User?

Proposal: Google Chromebook

Comment from some user:

Almost all of the Google Apps related questions are migrated to Web Applications. Can you add a list of questions perhaps?

This is your answer:

SuperUser: Software/Hardware. Web Applications: Web applications.

Software = Operating systems and applications. Web applications are still applications.

Yes, it overlaps, but the topic is fine, it is not bad.

Your comment on your own answer:

NEVERMIND: Web applications are on the browser, not on the desktop.

What I think about:

You posted a wrong answer. Somebody downvoted it because it was wrong as you seems to recognize. In this case, it would be better for you to just delete your own answer, since it is just noise to the discussion.

Answer to question CMD/Batch already on-topic at SO/SU

This is the question:

Proposal: Ask CMD!

CMD/Batch as a programming tool is on-topic at StackOverflow, and using it interactively is on-topic at SuperUser.

This is your answer:

Yes, i know. But i don't think proposals would be closed by just having one topic "on-topic" on one or two websites. And just to say: It could be good, beacuse new members (also known as noobs) could be thinking to not ask on SO/SU. With this website, the new members know where to post.

Comment from another user:

StackOvrflow is one of the best known sites by developers, and regularly ranks at the top of Google searches. Why would 'noobs' think to come to a lesser-known site instead?

Your reply:

Beacuse they could think SO/SU was not for the topic they actually are, and beacuse my topic is obviously about CMD/Batch, noobs can answer their questions of CMD/Batch there.

Comment from still another user:

@StarOS - if you expect the "experts" on an "Ask CMD" site to be "noobs", what kind of expertise will they be offering?

What do I think:

People is just disagreeing with you. I myself disagree also, but I did not downvoted. The reason is because SE sites are not supposed to work in the way that you are telling. And they are very unlikely to work, even if it was supposed to work like that. The reason is that noobs don't produce good answers to start with. Further, your answer imply that the existence of the site would be entirely dependent on a misunderstanding or afraid to post questions and answers on SO/SU from noobs who don't know how SO/SU works and can't or don't want to learn about that. SO/SU is a good place for noobs to post questions seeking for help, where they would find suitable people to post answers. Noobs should avoid to post answers, because those are almost always bad answers.

Your five example questions on Ask-CMD

How i display multiple colors on just one line?

How i make a directory?

How i overwrite a file in batch?

How i can loop some commands?

How i make a batch file show the contents of a file?

All of those are very simple and easy questions already on-topic on SO or SU that would be quickly and efficiently answered there. If you want to propose a site, it must be something that is either not covered somewhere else or just barely/marginally/unsatisfactorily covered somewhere else. This is not the case with your proposal.

Your five example questions on Weather

First those two:

What causes tornados?

What is temperature?

Just ask in the physics site. Also, for a weather-specialized site, those questions are waaaay too noobish and very unlike than typical questions that you would expect from a succesfull professional or research level questions about weather.

Now, this one:

What happens when going from sunny to cloudy?

Very likely to be closed as vague or opinative. What would you expect from questions like that? I could answer the first with "When going sunny to cloud, you see more clouds and less Sun", which is a stupid answer just as stupid as the question.

It's hot and things are heating up. What should i do?

I could answer "drink water", "go to beach", "buy an air-conditioning system", "just do nothing", "get a sunburn", "play sports", "turn off the heating", "move to somewhere colder", "stop global warming", "do whatever you want"... almost anything could be an answer, which shows that the question is useless.

Now the last question:

When the UV is 3 or higher, do i need protection?

A fairly decent question for a weathering site, but a bit too novice level.

Anyway, the site would fail to attract an audience to something that is not well attended somewhere else anyway.

Your Linux Mint example question:

How i get root access in the terminal?

Very trivial question which is already easily answered in an existing site. Further although this is something that have to do with Linux, it has nothing to do specifically with Linux Mint.

This very question

I think that you got the downvotes for this very question for seriously not understanding what was happening to your questions and answers and started to thinking that people are being malicious instead. What is in fact happening is that you are posting terribly useless questions, horribly bad answers and noob-level example questions on proposals, and people tend to downvote that. And for this very question, you got downvotes for still not understanding that you posted terribly useless questions, horribly bad answers and noob-level example questions on proposals and instead created a conspiracy theory to try to explain what is happening instead of seeing the overwhelming crystal-clear truth that your downvoted questions and answers just sucks.

  • I understand. I am still a noob on Area 51, don't try to hate me. I just wished i was the owner of a site.
    – Star OS
    Jul 7 '15 at 11:19
  • Also, atleast somebody liked me and upvoted all my posts yesterday, and i got from 41 to 75. Yes, i earned 36.
    – Star OS
    Jul 7 '15 at 11:22
  • @StarOS Most people upvotes or downvotes the content, not the user who posted it (most people don't even read the user's name), nobody hates you. And about proposing a sucesful site, good luck. Making a proposal survive the Area 51 process is very-very hard, I don't have the exact numbers, but the quantity of the proposals that reach public beta is probably less than 1%, and all the rest are deleted and forget forever. There are less than 150 sites that lived, are living or completed public beta phase, but tens of thousands failed before reaching that. Jul 7 '15 at 16:05
  • @StarOS So, in order to propose a sucessful site, you must be very sure that it is on focus, attracts a good audience with expertise, have a well-defined scope and has a format that is aligned with current SE policies. Further, you will need to work hard to make it sucessfully and will need some luck too. Remember >99% of those failed, so your proposal needs to be a truly jewel to survive the harsh Area 51 process. Jul 7 '15 at 16:08
  • Whatever, i was 7 at that time and, now i'm 8 and i have almost 500 reputation on AskUbuntu (in 2014 i had like, 30 reputation.) and i know what to even write on this community.
    – Star OS
    Dec 21 '15 at 8:39

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