I was checking the spanish (beta) site stats and noticed that the amount of avid users (on the left) is equal to the amount of users with 200+ rep. Does this mean that these 281 includes the 29 over 2k and these 29 includes the 12 over 3k?

Stats screenshot

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    As you can see in the screenshot, there are 281 users with 200+, 29 with 2k+, 12 with 3k+, and I'm asking if the avid users amount includes the 2k+ rep (either already included in the 200+ or it's an error). Jul 3, 2015 at 6:49
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    Well, did you try counting how many have 200+ rep? That's a quick way to get your answer
    – JohnB
    Jul 3, 2015 at 18:26

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Following JohnB's suggestion I've found where to check the users and counted how many are 200+ rep: there are 281. So I can answer my own question:

The "avid users" number includes users with 2000+ rep.

That means there are:

  • 253 users above 200 rep and under 2000 rep.
  • 16 users above 2000 rep and under 3000 rep.
  • 12 users above 3000 rep.

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