Proposal: Open Science


Science can refer to several topics listed in other Stack Exchange sites. There are a few questions pointing to similarities between (for example) Open Data, however there are also sites like Health that could have some overlap confusion. In that way each topic could have duplicate questions.

My Understanding

Although still unclear I think that this site is for the Q/A of finding/connecting with information (particularly research) in a free and easy way that does not go into detail on what each topic represents.


An example would be there may be a World Fact site somewhere that holds data on Education and Birth rate by country. In Q/A format someone might ask where to find this data in a way that can be accessed using Open Data standards. The question would not ask how Open Data works, or about why the birthrate may be low/high in a country.

Am I way off base here, or am I missing something. Can someone clarify for me or point me in the correct direction?


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Open science has entirely different issues than academia. It is a question of publishing, peer review (open or closed), and peer review platforms (to be distinguished from peer review), etc.

There are some interesting ideas to try out. See https://area51.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/19895/its-a-long-shot-but-this-could-lead-to-something-great?rq=1

  • Although I don't think it is only a peer review platform I understand what your response.
    – Gram
    Jul 22, 2015 at 15:23

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