Should all questions be allowed regarding the deep web? There are several things to take into considerations regarding metrics of Q&A regarding the deepweb proposal.

  1. Moral/Ethical - there are numerous reasons to browse the deep web. Many legitimate, some not so. Should questions about accessing services that morally reprehensible be allowed? There may be questions regarding how to purchase drugs, slaves, weapons and who knows what else.

  2. Technical - Should technical questions hold merit? There are many ways to potentially access deep web services. Should questions regarding howto, technical support, encryption, routing, PKI, personal layered security, tools to protect anonymity be allowed?

  3. Usage - How do I use the deep web? Questions regarding how you can use the deep web may well pop up. Perhaps a revolutionary individual is asking how to use the deep web to overthrow a government? How would that be handled? Can we consider it a valid question?

I believe there are more possible scenarios.

My ultimate question is, what framework should questions be judged as legitimate or not?

If morality is the metric, who get's to decide if it's moral or not? Technical seems straight forward, yes/no? Usage seems to create interesting questions, how would someones request on using the Deep Web for some political means be disseminated and validated as legitimate? What if the person asking the question was a capitalist attempting the overthrow a socialist government? What if the OP was an anarchist attempting to overthrow a capitalist state?

Proposal: Deepweb


Morality means different things to different people. Having morality as a framework element may work for some situations but not others.

Using your deep web example, Someone may be seeking aid with spoofing, for a college project. Depending on experience an knowledge, someone may provide information to the individual which may be legal in one instance, but not another. If the information is used and the user is caught, who's fault is it? The user, or the provider?

  • I think you might be missing my point. If someone were asking how to overthrow the government using the 'deep web' as an anonymizer would that question be legit? Would the question be answered here. How about, where can I find a slave trading site in the deep web? Would that be legitimate? My question in no way discusses blame. Certainly morality is subjective but are there societal baselines to adhere to?
    – Citizen
    Jun 30 '15 at 0:21
  • 1
    @Citizen I doubt that question would be asked on a publicly available site that the government could easily get to. Aug 14 '15 at 20:16

I think that all the questions and answers should be legal in the USA (SE is based in New York) to protect SE and it's users. Questions and answers in legal grey areas should be allowed until (through court cases or new laws) are deemed illegal. They should also be acknowledged as being in a legal grey area (possibly a tag for Grey Area or something).

This might make this site hard to maintain by just users who are not all familiar with US laws.


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