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I'm somewhat new, so apologies if there is something obvious I'm missing, or a stunning reason for this seeming consensus, but...

I'm not sure if this proposal should cover this many kinds of Arts, let alone all that exist. The list in the description is already bursting at the seams, and in my humble opinion, topics like (say) painting and sewing have way too little in common to be covered by a single site. There are topics that are more similar and that still were split up into two sites — think StackOverflow and Programmers, the exact distinction between which still eludes me.

Is it because we're worried about too little traffic?

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Problem is that for any site to succeed here it needs near about 200 committers, and then 15 questions per day.

We have seen in past that many sites haven't reached up to the private beta and many couldn't make up to public beta.

  • See the status of Coffee.SE. If it remains in that state for too long it'll get closed eventually.
  • Check out the Parenting.SE. It generates excellent answers but has only 4.6 questions per day.
  • Health.SE started with a great gusto, but its current state is piteous.

So, though drawing and other crafts may deserve separate sites but there is a lesser probability of their individual success, and this is not a guess.

United we stand, divided we fall.


Is it because we're worried about too little traffic?

The concern is to few questions/votes, especially for the number of followers this proposal has. I think the idea is that by including all arts/crafts the proposal would attract more people willing to ask and up-vote questions.

That doesn't seem to be working but it's unclear whether that's because the proposal is too broad or for some other reason.

To expand on the answer above, the current Woodworking beta has the same problem of too few visits and too few questions. If they do manage to get out of Beta then that may be proof that multiple craft sites with a more narrow focus would work better than one Arts & Crafts site.

In the meantime, the proposal's 10+ questions include both painting/drawing and fiber arts. It would probably upset people who have added questions and voted if we split it before it's closed on its own (which hopefully won't happen at all).

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