I am a .NET developer and switch between several languages in the platform. I don't tend to need to know how something is done in C or Java when I'm trying to solve an issue - I need to know how to do it in .NET.

I believe it would be useful for .NET developers to have a site to go to where all of the content revolves around .NET technologies - ASP.NET, C#/VB/F# etc.... That way you do not have to filter through a bunch of noise to get to the content you need.

Because .NET is now fully open source it would not be a vendor specific site as there are non-Microsoft related OS systems that .NET runs on. (Mono and soon the entire .NET toolchain will run on any OS)

Does it seem useful to anyone else to have a site specific to .NET tech?

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No, the Stack Overflow site for developers is the single most successful and visited site for programmers and is already one of the top-50 sites on the Internet. There would be virtually no chance we would break out this one subject into its own site. With over a quarter-million questions specficially tagged '.net' and related technologies, it is difficult to envision this being a good move for .net developers and the Stack Overflow site in general.

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