Proposal: Personal Health

So the proposal's description ends with "here users can ask experts details about their conditions or symptoms." and already this seems like shaky ground. It's one thing to ask "What are some natural ways to reduce blood pressure?", it's another to ask "What should I personally do to reduce my blood pressure given [insert medical history here]".

The first question is actually a request to interpret ECG results.

1) How is the Asker even supposed to pick a correct answer from a question like that? Presumably, the person asking the question isn't a medical expert so how would they know which interpretation is correct?

1b) How would moderators prevent deliberately malicious answers? Even if the mods were all doctor's, they couldn't be an expert in every possible specialty.

2) Does this sort of thing expose Stack Exchange to lawsuits? Again, it's one thing to list known ways of reducing blood pressure, it's another to dispense personal medical advice. If someone advises the OP that they're not at risk of a heart attack and then they have one, does that come back on the Answerer or Stack Exchange as a whole? Some people do use their real names here.

3) Perhaps this is specific to Stack Overflow, but I thought part of the goal of questions and answers on Stack Exchange sites are to be helpful in general, not just helpful to the person asking. How would an interpretation of an ECG be helpful to anyone other than the Asker?

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