Proposal: Arabic Language

أقترح أن يكون بالإمكان مناقشة بعض المصطلحات لإيجاد بعض التوافق بين الناطقين بالعربية و هذا نظرا لأنّ كثيرا من المصطلحات المستعلملة و خاصة في الأنظمة مثل ويندوز و أندرويد لا تمت للمعنى بصلة، فيكون هذا مجهودا منّا لإعانة المبرمجين على اختيار المصطلح الأنسب. يمكننا أيضا مساعدة الباحثين و الكتاب على اختيار المصطلحات التي تكون معبرة عن ما يريدون، و يكون السؤال عبارة عن إعطاء المصطلح الأصلي مع توفير شرح للمعنى المراد، فيكون الجواب عبارة عن . اقتراح مثال ذلك Debug: عبارة عن عملية البحث عن الأخطاء الموجودة في البرنامج و تصحيحها

I suggest to have the possibility to ask about proposing a word for a task, a functionality, since most of the operating systems have some weird translations, also that will help researcher and writers to choose the appropriate words for the meaning they want, An example: Debug: is the process of searching for errors in the code and correcting it.

  • Sorry, I don't quite follow. You mean that we should have a base translation table for common words which could be mistaken? I think most OS' are Arabicised are they not? So, for example, Windows actually sounds very similar in Arabic as it does in English. – Sammaye May 1 '15 at 7:49
  • @Sammaye, it won't be for all words, but for some, and yes there are Arabic version for each OS but the problem is with some word translation due to the fact they were done word for word so the result is something confusing and meaningless, for those cases I am suggesting to have a way to propose new translations. Also that might apply for some scientific words. So what do you think, would that be helpful? – Swift May 1 '15 at 8:10
  • 1
    the problem with making it a pre-made type question is that the question will get lost in the never ending pile of other questions and the veterans of the community will just keep reminding the newbies the existance of it. I am having problems visualising it but I think it could work, if implemented as an FAQ (I think we have control over that) – Sammaye May 1 '15 at 12:34

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