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From the proposal name, I was expecting more discussion of specific works of literature, literary analysis, and such. I saw almost no example questions along these lines, though, which seemed odd to me. I also saw very little reference to classic literature.

As adding questions is currently closed, I thought I'd ask here if this type of question is meant to be on- or off-topic.

  • How to reinterpret McEwen's Atonement in light of unreliable narration?
  • Where are the literary/mythological origins of the "three witches" trope, e.g. as referenced by Prachett's witch novels and Gaiman's Sandman?
  • Are Jane Austen's views of appropriate matches consistent throughout her books?

Are questions such as these appropriate? Do they fit in with the SE Q&A format? Do committed members feel they'll be able to engage with such questions, at least in some fields?

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Overall, the Stack Exchange platform is a poor fit for discussions, debates, and forum-like behavior in general.

What really matters in the end, though, is what the community and its members are able to work out. If the above can be phrased (or rephrased) to have "correct" answers, then they'd definitely be welcome.

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    I agree with this, but absent such questions, I'm having difficulty understanding what type of content Lit.SE does intend to provide. Questions about the topic of literature seem to me inherently discussion-oriented (unless the focus is on factual trivia?).
    – Ziv
    Jul 1, 2011 at 8:44
  • Well, if there's no way to discuss literature in an SE model, don't create an SE Literature site. Crowbarring things into the stack exchange model damages our reputation and creates disappointed users. Jul 5, 2011 at 13:04

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