Proposal: StackOverflow (In Arabic)

We want Stack Overflow in Arabic. Arabic (much like Persian) is a huge language, and being able to support it would mean being able to help possibly millions of additional programmers that our English site currently doesn't reach as well as we'd like.

Unfortunately, like Persian, we're not even at a point where we can guess when we'll be able to support right-to-left languages in the system UI. As I noted there, it's going to take much longer than we're comfortable asking folks to wait, and we don't want to continue to raise people's expectations by leaving this open.

This is our fault, 100%

The decision to localize was made late, which means we're now dealing with some decisions which (at the time) were easy to make, but now terribly difficult to undo. The good news is, we are working on it, and needing to close this as I have profoundly disappoints me. It's not you, at all, it's us.

When we can support this, I will be back to let everyone know. I hope we can count on you then. I don't want to knock the wind out of this (and I realize that's what I'm doing to some extent), but it seems extremely rude to let folks continue to put time and effort into this when we know we're unable to go forward with it for the foreseeable future. You've done a fantastic job with this, I hope we can give you the support you deserve in a shorter timeframe than we're envisioning.

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