Proposal: 3D Graphics, Modeling & Animation

Will blender questions be on topic here? Or would they be migrated over to blender?


I think leave them where they land would be best. The blender community tends to pull off of the mainstream 3D community, and I think it should be allowed to sit to the side unless SE (hopefully not) decides to merge them

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    This is what SE recommends as explained in this blog post. The same methodology applies to similar "competing" sites (such as Ubuntu / Unix and Linux). – JohnB Apr 20 '15 at 15:42

I would vote for this to work as a hub for all 3d software from free things like blender to full license 3dsmax

It's useful to users to see how certain issues/questions that are solved in one program could be easier or tackled differently in other software


I think all Blender-specific questions should be off-topic here and, if they arise, be moved to the Blender site. There should be no Blender tag, and moving questions should be done quickly as soon as they appear to avoid any slipping through and getting lost. Questions that relate to Blender and other 3D software, without a primary emphasis on Blender, should be on-topic here. For some examples of on-topic questions: comparisons of 3D suites, asking how to do [Blender feature] in [other 3D package], or how to import something into [other 3D package] from an FBX file that happened to come from Blender.


What about questions related to Addons for blender which are not direct part of Blender? I actually asked the blender team about that and they all felt like its a bad idea to host third party additions (especially commercial) in the blender stackexchange. That's why i came here after all. I added 5 questions about "Blender-Avastar" before i found this thread.

  • I would love to see Blender Addon related questions answered here. – Shy Robbiani Nov 1 '15 at 17:42

As someone who uses Blender solely for creations in Second Life and/or Opensimulator grids my questions most often differ from general Blender user questions. In general my questions cannot be answered by Blender gurus, but by other creators and Blender users using the same addons or similar tools in a similar environment. Depending on the problem, a creator with a less product oriented mind who is not using Blender often provides the better answer to my questions. To summarize, even I'm a Blender user, my questions are often more of general nature and related to specific addons or other tools (inclusive GIMP). So my suggestion is to leave the questions where they land, with one exception: pure Blender related basics (e.g. what's the difference between Delete and Dissolve Edges).

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