I'm looking for something that should exist, but that I can't find. It could be implemented using the stackexchange platform probably in relation with the Open source proposal.

Stackoverflow questions can be roughly divided into two categories:

The second category of question can be assimilated to bugs in personal or corporate closed source software.

So my idea is the following : instead of spending time trying to earn reputation points solving bugs in personal or corporate software why not doing the same on open source software.

The stackexchange platform could provide support to implement this idea in the following way:

  • Questions will ask to solve issues in an open source software like, for example:

    [texmaker]: Spell-check fails with punctuation

    and also explain the reasons why this issue is important.

  • A minimum bounty will be placed on each questions.
  • Answers will gives clues or solve the issue with a patch.
  • After the upstream publication of the patch the total of the bounties will be distributed among the main contributors.

Details of this process should be still defined, particulary how it could be linked with the Open source proposal.

The goal is to obtain something similar to bountysource but with the same reputation system as in the stackexchange network.

Any propositions and suggestions are welcome.

  • I think it would make more sense to pitch this concept to a site like Github where the code is hosted. That way a proposed patch could be applied upstream with one click which would automatically resolve the issue.
    – Philipp
    Commented Apr 9, 2015 at 16:54
  • But the idea is to centralize the reputation and reuse the stackexchange reputation system such that the participation to multiple open source projects hosted on different sites will be recorded. Commented Apr 9, 2015 at 17:23

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The Black Duck Open Hub is an online community platform providing services similar to those I described in my question.

They provide centralized access to open source revision control repositories. Contributors can be registrerd and gain something similar to SO reputation which is called Kudos.

But I'm not sure this system is as develeopped as in SO and I'm also not sure if you can use Kudos as Bounties.

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