Proposal: Computer Graphics

I am a big fan of the cg.stackexchange.com proposal, since I discovered it. I took part (not actively enough, unfortunately) in the first tentative of creating the site.
However, I recently found that gamedev.net's "Graphics Programming and Theory" forum provided mostly what I was looking as a peer-reviewed knowledge database about Computer Graphics. Are there any reason why this site would be better than gamedev.net's forum?

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This site does not need to be better in order to be useful. The Stack Exchange question and answer approach gives different benefits to a forum approach, so both can co-exist and cross-link to each other.

This can be seen in other Stack Exchange sites. In particular, Stack Overflow serves a different purpose to programming blogs and forums, and does not compete with them. There are SO questions and answers that link to blogs and forums, and there are blogs and forums that link to SO questions. All sides benefit from the existence of more approaches.

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