Proposal: Gamification

This is a general comment to all individuals who have committed to this proposal, especially those interested in learning more about Gamification

Over 1/4 (55 individuals at last count) of all commits to this proposal have exactly 51 reputation points. This concerns me. I am hopeful that they are new to the community and this proposal, and potential beta, will encourage them to jump into the SE community full force. However, I am fearful that they are simply "drive-by-commits" and not really fully invested in this proposal, or fully understand the SE process.

I encourage anyone with under 250 rep to dig through the entire network and see if there are other areas you may be interested in. Once you discover something new, sign up for that SE site, and look into answering some questions. The main reason for this...


Earning points and badges for participating within the network is a basic fundamental principal that is the foundation of gamification. If you "get it" here, you can comprehend the bigger picture. Just like if you have ever peeled a sticker off of a soda cup or a bag of chips for an online code giving you the chance to win...it is all related.

I realize that we have checks and balances in place with the moderators and the private/public beta, and the site won't launch unless it is of quality substance. This is why I feel it is crucial to encourage a community wide awareness of the importance of a quality beta. If we fill the site with too much fluff, or superficial topics, the site will never launch.

I don't want this to be any sort of rant, or misconstrued in any way. This is an honest attempt to gather worthwhile support and interest in the site to help this specific proposal to become a success. Hopefully, we can launch soon and work all of this out in the private beta very fast... so that it may be opened to the public beta for all to enjoy.

As of 04/21/15 69 of our 212 commitments are below 200 points... roughly 1/3 of us are not engaged in the SE network.

  • Have you done any research on what percentage of 'commits' across all SE launches contribute meaningfully (say 5 posts) or fulfill their commitment of 10 posts in the first 6 months of the beta launch? Commented Apr 4, 2015 at 11:07
  • Im not sure I follow your question... My comment is simply pertaining to the high level of minimal input indidividuals to this site and since this site is about Gamification I figured research on a great gamofication model would serve them, and this site well. Researching how the site works can benefit any member, but as they pertain to THIS PAGE IN PARTICULAR it is a direct correlation to the subject matter. An informed/educated core will only strengthen the GSE site that much more.
    – Phlume
    Commented Apr 5, 2015 at 0:43


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