If looking to start a Q&A site that, for the sake of this question, would make it through beta and be generally popular and successful, are there any incentives to start the site through Stack Exchange rather than starting one's own Q&A site?

Obviously, there are a number of benefits that Stack Exchange provides, among them...

  • Free hosting and infrastructure
  • Free ongoing site development
  • Embedded and experienced user community
  • Rigorous definition and beta phases

But, again assuming the site is wildly popular, does Stack Exchange then get all revenue from the site (presumably advertising)? Does the original proposer of the site get compensated, either monetarily or through reputation, when the site goes live or thereafter? Or is the chief benefit to the original proposer that they now have a place to discuss whatever wildly popular thing they wanted to discuss, and any further reward (e.g., reputation increased) will come largely as a result of being an expert in that thing?

  • GLORY. No jk, but maybe though. – tox123 Mar 20 '15 at 23:25

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