Do you get rep for referring a site while it is in definition phase? If not, why does 'share it' include a reference to the poster?


From the FAQ it looks like referrers only get rep from commitments and commitment follow-throughs.

When a proposal enters the commitment phase, you can earn reputation by referring users to the proposal [emphasis mine]

It does not suggest that a user following a site from following the 'Share this' link gets the referrer anything:

If you invite a friend, be sure to use the special referral link in the Share It popup. If the user commits to the site after using your link, we'll record you as the referrer. [emphasis mine]

Looking at a site in the commitment phase vs. the definition phase, it looks like they just use the same "Share this" popup. I'm guessing the referrer data just doesn't do anything in the definition phase.

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