Everybody over 500 rep can see, that the "review" option on the discuss.area51 site lives, similarly to the meta site on the SE. It seems, even some like a community moderation also happened in the past.

But currently as I see,

  • the moderation review counters don't grow (thus, probably even the 2k+, 3k+ users can't review)
  • I can edit exclusively my own posts (theoretically the edit of others should go into the suggested edits queue).

Is it true, that the meta moderation is completely disabled on discuss.area51? If yes, (1) what it the reason and (2) why do we have a "Review" link?

  • I wondered myself if something has changed in the past month or so, recently I flagged three questions as off-topic sample questions and I noticed around two hours later the close queue count was zero even though it was a few hours more before Robert Cartaino closed the questions and the flags were marked helpful. BTW on a meta site what goes into the edit queue are tag wiki edits.
    – PeterJ
    Mar 15, 2015 at 7:25

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Community moderation is active on Area 51 meta (discussion)

Reviews occur on Area51 discussion see Help Center > Badges > Custodian it just that there is not a lot to review.

  • Close votes are the busiest with 255 all time votes
  • Reopen = 9 all time votes
  • Suggested edits = 59 all time votes

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