I would like to post an example of what I think an everyday question with answer would look like in a new SE site I would like to call Code Translation.

User knows Perl, but is new to JavaScript:

Question [Perl > JS] How do I process stdin and print a result after reading the stream?

In Perl:

$output = "";
while ($line = <STDIN>) {
  # Do something interesting here...
  $output = $output . $line;
print $output

Another user who is fluent in both Perl and JavaScript:

In JavaScript you would first create an interface that exposes stdin and register callbacks to do something when (1) each line is read, (2) when the stream is closed / done, etc.

var readline = require('readline');

var stdin = readline.createInterface({
  input: process.stdin

var output = [];

stdin.on('line', function(line){
  // Do something interesting here...

stdin.on('close', function() {

This idea was more or less inspired by Rosetta Code. I think if used correctly, it would be useful.


You can already ask questions like this on Stack Overflow. It's one of the reasons to use SO, in fact.


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