There seems to be a bit of a gap in the StackExchange portfolio regarding specifically routing and switching. I know that you can post some routing/switching questions on serverfaults but there does not really seem to be any networking people on there as such. An example I posted a question regarding routing and it sat on there for some time with no answers?

Is this something that would be of interest to anyone else or is this covered by another site I have missed?

If this is a good idea how would one go about creating it?

Let me know your thoughts?

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Networking questions, including routing and switching, are generally on-topic on Super User if you do it at home and on Server Fault if you're a professional. Server Fault's acceptance of (professional) networking questions is explicit in the FAQ and on its Meta.

That said, there is a movement for a site dedicated to networking — see in particular How can we improve moderation of IP networking questions on SO and associated sites?. But I think the overlap with existing sites is too large for it to be accepted.

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    I get your point and I have typically posted my question on ServerFaults but most of the time if the question is quite highly skilled it does not get answered such as this that I posted a couple of day ago serverfault.com/questions/282564/…. I think the issue is that it is veiwed more by server skilled personnel then hardcore networking guys. Also I have had a chat with a few other networking people that I know and they do not use serverfaults because the perception is that it is for server related issues and not networking.
    – aHunter
    Jun 23, 2011 at 10:46

There is now a Network Engineering Stack Exchange site at:


And this would cover all the routing and switching questions that I think you would be looking for.

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