Proposal: Health

Can someone change the title Health stack exchange to health/medical science stack exchange?

For example,people with diabetes would want to ask about recent medical research.

Also, biology stack exchange won't accept these type of problem.

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    The scope of a proposal is not dictated by the title. It seems to me that Health still encompasses medical science, so I don't see the benefit here – JohnB Feb 27 '15 at 4:10

Can = Yes

Will = No

You are asking for modification when you first need to ask if there is a reason to make the modification.

There are multiple questions in the top 40 that imply the inclusion of medical science/research are on topic.

For example

  • Are there any proven benefits of taking a daily multivitamin?
  • Have their been any studies using placebos that have shown acupuncture to be effective?
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