Proposal: Biblical Hermeneutics

Is it necessary for hermeneutics to incorporate past interpretations? What role will ancient/reformation creeds, as well as the writings of the apostolic fathers have on this stack?

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If the goal is an objective study of the text, I would expect creeds etc to serve only as other opinions that could be examined for interpretation, and that they would not carry any particular authority. They're opinions with as much weight as Professor So-and-So or Father Thus-and-Such or Important Book -- valuable if they cite sources or make a reasoned argument, just curiosities otherwise.


Hermaneutics are strongly linked to statements of faith. The things you take for granted have a direct effect on the questions you ask. An example: if you believe that Daniel made predictive prophesies, you would study them in the context of the culture at that time. But if you believe that they were histories written long after the fact, then you would look at them in a completely different context. And the questions you would ask about a prophesy are very different from the questions you would ask when studying a history text.

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